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    ENGSL was formed in 2007 in UAE with a vision to develop Nobel technologies for carbon capture & chemical processes for valuable minerals. We are a privately owned company registered in DMCC, Dubai – UAE. Highly caliber Research & Development and Engineering resources with a state of the art testing facility in Abu Dhabi for developing and testing of cutting edge technologies. We have successfully developed, tested and patented its technologies for carbon capture and its transformation into soda chemicals.

    Moreover there is an ongoing research, to transform waste chemicals and natural minerals to valuable commercial chemicals; thus reducing waste chemical impact on the environment.

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    Innovation to Capture CO2 Using Desalination Brine Featured

    Energy Technologies for Carbon Dioxide Capture

    ENGSL to test and evaluate the possible application of fly ash and modified fly ash for the capture and utilization of CO2 from flue gas. For the UAE and the GCC region, this technology could be an alternative to the conventional CO2 capture technologies with the option to utilize part of the CO2 for enhanced oil recovery purposes. 


    The integration between this technology and desalination plants is feasible through the use of reject brine, which will be further developed and investigated by this project. Furthermore, the economic feasibility of this technological route for CO2 capture and utilization will be carried out. 

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